Goron Tula Powder


  • heightened sexual desire
  • organic powder
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Product Description

Goron tula is another name of Azanza garckeana which is an important plant in Africa. It is known as plant that is useful for food and herbal medicine. This fruit is mainly famous for curing sexual problems, especially for women that experience low level of libido.

This fruit is called as “wonder fruit” since there are many health problems that can be cured by eating this fruit. Here are the benefits of consuming gorontula:

Prevent high blood pressure
Prevent liver problems
Solve infertility
Cleanse your body system
Help women with vaginal problems
Cancer prevention
Boost bowel movement
Improve immune system
Lowers blood sugar (good for people suffering from diabetes)
Cure chest pains
If you feel that you are not really interested for having sex, you may consume this powder to gain it because you will get the sensation of feeling strong and passionate for having sex. By consuming this fruit, you don’t have to worry of getting tired after several rounds of having sex with your partner.

Wetting your vagina

If you feel that your vagina is dry then try gorontula. It will stimulate the production of vagina wetness and it is perfect to keep your vaginal area moist and wet.

No more bad odor or fishy smell

Gorontula is good to clean your vagina. as a result you will just have to say good bye to bad and fishy smelly vagina. It will be comfortable for you and your partner.

Menstrual problem? No way!

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